Foreclosures and Short Sales

foreclosed homeThe United States is facing a crisis in the Mortgage industry.  Foreclosures are up over 200% in many areas including Indian River County, Florida.  Many people who never thought of themselves as someone who would ever be facing a foreclosure, are now facing that prospect. 

We have represented both Lenders and Borrowers in foreclosure.  I you are a lender, we provide fast, reasonable and conscientious service.   Our pricing is competitive and our services are professional.  We protect your interests while presenting a human face to the public.

If you are a borrower who is in a bind, there is no "magic wand" that can make a foreclosure go away.  Nevertheless, there are things that our office can do to assist you in this process.  We will explain the foreclosure process, negotiate with the bank and investigate whether there are any violations of the mortgage laws that might give you a defense to the foreclosure action. 

Realizing the reason you are in this situation is because of financial difficulty, we have convenient payment plans available to pay for our services.  We also allow payment through pay-pal which gives you the ability to pay through credit card.

Short Sales are situations where the amount owed on the home is more than the fair market value of the home.  In order for such a transaction to actually work, the bank will have to forgive part of the debt that is owed to them.  The bank will need to be shown that the debtor cannot financially make the payments, that the market will not allow a sales price that pays them back and that it is in the bank's best financial interest to allow the short sale. 

 These transactions are not easy or automatic.  When they do work, they provide an alternative to foreclosure or bankruptcy that can be advantageous.

Feel free to call Deb Mather or Glenn Grevengoed for more information. 


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